Ventilation system under the conditions of the current Covid-19 pandemic

Our systems run on outside air, which guarantees optimal ventilation of the rooms for your guests. In addition, the systems are equipped with filters in the outside air andin the exhaust air, so that contamination by aerosols is filtered out.

Our house is equipped with an air conditioning system. By efficiently retaining many pollutants by filtering the possibly contaminated outside air, the supply air and also the exhaust air, a good quality of the supply air is made available. Professional planning, zoning and pressure maintenance ensure that pollutants from the exhaust air of a room cannot spread throughout the building.

Transmission of the corona viruses through air conditioning systems

According to the current state of knowledge, a transmission of corona viruses via ventilation / air conditioning systems can almost be ruled out. Due to the filtration, no droplets that could contain the corona virus can enter the rooms via the outside and supply air lines. Exhaust air lines, which may take in exhaust air from the rooms, which may be contaminated with droplets, do not transport it to other areas, since the 2 systems are operated under negative pressure and therefore no exhaust air can escape even if the lines leak. The recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) 1 to maintain a distance of one to two meters between people is seen as sufficient to avoid infection. The exhaust air vents are usually much further away from the people in the room.

Leakages in the AHU and in the heat recovery (WRG) can, depending on the design, mean that a small proportion of the exhaust air can be transferred to the supply air. Correct system planning with our modern concepts prevents this.


Air filters ensure a relevant reduction in the dust and aerosol concentration in air conditioning systems and in the supply air of rooms. HEPA filters are used to completely separate suspended matter from even the smallest viruses (22-330 nm [Nanometer]).